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Audio clips before and after restoration

Icon on the left is before audio restoration. Icon on the right is after.
Audio clips are in mp3 format (for faster downloading) at 128kbps (for better fidelity) and most are about 15 seconds in length and 230kB in size.

lp before lp after This gives you a good idea of what can be done with 33rpm records. The grooves on this LP are very close together and vibrate about half as much as other albums. You have to turn up the volume on the stereo higher than other albums for the same loudness, therefore, dust, clicks and other noises are exaggerated.

cassette before cassette after The above music recorded onto "low-noise" (there's an oxymoron for you) cassette tape without Dolby and cleaned up with declick and hiss filtering. This demonstrates how the software can handle tape hiss and not mangle the audio after processing, like some programs that were tried. Of course, reel to reel tapes will sound better.

wire recording before wire recording after A wire recording from 1953, processed to remove background noises.

cylinder record before cylinder record after A 4 minute blue amberol Edison cylinder record from the 1900s with some large clicks at the end.

45ep record before 45ep record after This is a worst-case example, and shows there are limits to what can be done with severely damaged recordings. The recording is a 45rpm EP and is in very bad shape. although a lot of the scratches and noises were reduced, the distortion of the grooves caused by repeated play with worn needles and who knows what else happened to this poor record remains. For your record to be successfully restored it has to be in reasonably good shape to begin with.

cd or lp? cd or lp? These are the same snippet of a song from CD and LP. The LP had the scratches removed. Can you tell which is which? (Both of these are about 24 seconds long.) Answer is below.

See some finished CD projects and hear more audio clips.

We can do a CD transfer of any recording or record it onto high-quality chrome or metal cassette tape using Dolby B or C, or dbx, or open reel tape using Dolby B or dbx, or convert them to mp3 format. (up to 320kbps)

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PK (the one on the left) is the CD and PK2 (right) is the LP.